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V eteri, in Europe known as Smart Meter, has a new line of products that have optimal balance between industry needs, innovative technologies, environment, and application of highly effective structural and digital solutions. The company has a vision for prosperity and the basic tendency is to continuously invest for achieving these goals, develop human capital and implement modern technologies with the highest standards. What distinguishes Veteri is implementation of the Smart Cloud System which is used in the industry for reading, monitoring, configuring variety of digital solutions including: controlling smart meters, applications of sensors, digital communication, integrated processing of data, web and mobile applications, unlimited configuration capabilities for variety of needs, full product automation, digital verification and currently expanding its offerings in other areas. Some of the major clients include everyday work with communal enterprises, cities and construction companies, offering smart cloud solutions, maintaining the water supply maintenance networks and water meters, pipes, fittings and other components. The company is constantly investing in research and development in new technologies and hardware integrations.

Smart Cloud System

Represents innovative, fully automated smart cloud program based on novel algorithms and software principles that can configure and interconnect all aspects of computerization: data processing, multi-level functionality, expandable user interface, mobile and peripheral connectivity to a new level of sophistication where reliable fully-integrated and scalable computer programs can be easily created at a fraction of time and cost compared to conventional computer programming techniques. This innovation has huge potential to be used and conformed to all industries.

Smart system for water monitoring and control AMR, AMI

This innovative smart system comprises hardware parts and a software program, the main component being the water meter as well as fully automated smart cloud system that is based on algorithms that configure and interconnect all basis aspects of computerization. The intelligent electronic device smart meter is a computerized replacement of the ordinary water meter and integrates data processing, multi-level functionality, expandable user interface, mobile and peripheral connectivity.

Current water supply management systems are unable to predict and detect many variables and therefore cannot provide support or control to this problem. The current water supply systems that are present on the market are mainly systems for basic reading and manual remote reading. There are competitive systems that are partially automated, but they are offered at prices that are three times higher. Such systems don’t offer real time notifications, don't have two-way communication, custom level control, don't offer fully automated transmission of data to the billing system, don’t have options for open/close valve, don't have replaceable and maintainable components, their computer system can not be configurable to meters from different manufacturers and their applications can not meet all the needs for each client individually.

Veteri has develop new business model that will deliver significant competitive advantage, offer new platform and digital tools, and integrate automated network in a system which will enable full control management, custom tailored configuration of functionalities and easy installation and usage. The benefits of the clients from implementing our innovative system are large and obvious. What makes us better and raises interest is that for the same price of less performing competitive systems now we can offer fully automated, flexible and superior product with maximum efficiency that reduces client's costs up to 90%, have 24 hours insight into the water consumption, alarms and manipulations and increases their income up to 120%.


Veteri performs all design activities until and after the sale of the services in accordance with TS-EN ISO 9001 quality management system. With its extensive service network and professional staff, Veteri works to meet consumer needs as quickly as possible.

Veteri has confirmed its quality with the directives 2004/22 / EC MID, OIML R49 and implemented it production and manages all processes in compliance with EN 14154 standards, ISO 4046 certificate, ISO 9001: 2008 quality control system, OHSAS 18001 (health and safety) and EN17025 certificate from an accredited laboratory. In addition, all products have an EC approved certificate and CE an endorsement.

As an internationally active company in the metering technology industry, Veteri realizes its own activities in clear directions. Veteri believes that it advocates commercial success and care for the protection of the wildlife, promotes innovation in focus on the client. Behind the relationship and beyond vendor and customers Veteri is considered as an affiliate solution to meet the needs of its customers with its high quality and precise measurement systems.


- To ensure the improvement of the quality of the products and services we offer in order to meet demands and expectations to our customers in the area of confidentiality, easy maintenance, quality, cost-effectiveness and delivery time.
- To ensure continuous monitoring and improvement of our quality control system.
- To transfer the quality policy to all employees and understand it through successive trainings in order to improve the attitude towards responsibility.
- To perform a systematic procedure, that is, to establish, understand and manage the related system processes to achieve a particular goal.


- The environment is our responsibility and its protection from the possible effects of production. We strive to permanent developments of performance in accordance with the legislation and utilizing resources without damaging the natural balance.
- By reducing waste, we minimize the negative effects on the environment, and at the same time prevent pollution from negative sources.
- Constant improvement of the environmental management system, taking the production at the most environmentally friendly way by applying appropriate technologies.
- We guarantee health and safety for both employees and everyone in the environment.
- With recycling processes, we reduce the waste generated during production.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to constantly optimize the business of our customers through our solutions, services and products. We ensure our success by meeting the needs of our customers and employees.

Our vision is to become a company in which the most experienced, crafty and intelligent professionals want to work. By the way, we strive to be named as the global leader in the measurement inistry and its innovative service sectors.